Industrial Manufacturing world-wide is on the cusp of a revolution. New information technologies are suddenly offering not only to make the management of manufacturing more effective, as we saw with early versions of plant automation and enterprise software, but the work itself smarter. Technologies based on the Internet of Things (IoT) have the potential to radically improve visibility in manufacturing to the point where each unit of production can be “seen” at each step in the production process. Batch-level visibility is being replaced by unit-level visibility.

The transformation that it implies is huge. Several field surveys on smart manufacturing and the Internet of Things finds that while 20% today admit their factory operations are offline completely, this will drop to near 0% in five-years. In fact, half of all manufacturing executives surveyed expect to have visibility across the supply chain at this unit level. Only 10% predict they’ll still be limited to single factory-level insights and control—a drop of 75% from today’s state of affairs.

Visual Decision provides Operational BI solutions spanning supply chain and manufacturing business processes. This creates an environment where all available information—from within the plant floor and from along the supply chain—is captured in real-time, made visible and turned into actionable insights. Operational BI comprises all aspects of business, blurring the boundaries among plant operations, supply chain, product design and demand management. Enabling virtual tracking of capital assets, processes, resources and products, Operational BI gives enterprises full visibility which in turn supports streamlining business processes and optimizing supply and demand.

Smart manufacturing is the next-step in the evolutionary journey and requires a healthy dose of technology to make sure machines work together, material flows visibly in real-time, and teams of knowledge workers orchestrate the entire process. The Industrial IoT is the technology environment that makes this possible. In plant floor applications, the Industrial IoT can create a network linking a range of manufacturing assets from production equipment to parts being produced, from sensor-embedded automation controls to energy meters, from trucks to a warehouse’s smart shelves. With the Industrial IoT, manufacturers can give each of their physical assets a digital identity that enables them to know the exact location and condition of those assets in real-time ubiquitously throughout the supply chain.

In essence, Operational BI is a decision-making environment. Very importantly, includes proactive and predictive analytics capabilities, making manufacturing an intelligent and quick-response environment. With Operational BI, manufacturing organizations can predictively meet business needs through intelligent and automated actions driven by previously inaccessible insights from the physical world. This propels businesses into the smart manufacturing arena which is proactive, autonomic organizations that predict and fix potentially disruptive issues, evolve operations and delight customers, all while increasing the bottom-line.

Lego Approach to Operational BI - Deploy any Intelligence Packs as a standalone application or part of a suite of operational analytical applications to achieve real-time visibility across your enterprise while sustaining manufacturing excellence on a local or enterprise-wide scale. We provide applications around Supply Chain Plannning and Execution Analytics (Operational BI).

 Supply Chain Management:

  • Supply Chain Execution Exception Management
  • Demand Planning
  • Supply Planning
  • Factory Planning and Sequencing
  • Suppier Spend Analytics
  • Category Management Analytics
  • eRFx Risk Analytics
  • Contract Analytics
  • Sourcing Event Analytics
  • Spend Tracker Analytics
  • Supplier Performance Analytics

Operational Business Intelligence:

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Intelligence Pack
  • Machine Intelligence Pack
  • Maintenance Intelligence Pack
  • Labor Intelligence Pack
  • Quality Intelligence Pack
  • Logistics Intelligence Pack
  • Value Stream Intelligence Pack
  • Production Intelligence Pack

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