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In order to meet the needs of our client's demanding business environments, we provid a broad portfolio of services and solutions that span their business processes. Our solutions and services span Supplier Relationship Management, Manufacturing and Operations Management to Customer Relationship Management. Supporting broad business processes requires that everyone from shop floor peronnel to managers to exceutives has the information they need to make decicive decisions quickly and effectively. We provide services that can be segmented into Technical Services and Professional Services.

Technical Services

There are times when our clients require specific and or temporary use of business intelligence applications to address a specific project. When these circumstances arise, we leverage our infrastructure investments so that our clients will not have to purchase computer servers, buy software and install software, map to avariety of data sources, and ulitimately train and configure their analytical solution. The client benefits from leveraging our infrastructure and expertise so that they can focus on their project quickly and effectively.

  • Hosted Project-based Analytics
  • Data Cleaning, Classification and Integration
  • Unser Interface Development

 Professional Services

Supply Chain Transformation - We have practitioners who augment our client's staff to provide specific expertise and band-width to undertake focused business process transformations. Many of these efforts help clients to evolve their business processes by leveraging technology enablers to gain competitive advantage. Since supply chain processes are expansive as they span supplier processes, internal processes and ultimately customer processes; we have segmented our professional services offerings into three solution areas.

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Optimization - We provide consulting focused on optimizing Strategic Sourcing and Procurement-related processes. We work with senior executives and procurement leaders to accelerate Strategic Sourcing savings, increase Spend Visibility, provide category intelligence, and implement procurement best practices.  As practitioners of Lean Supply Chain management, we bring deep expertise, professionalism, and speed to the delivery of profitability improvement to our clients. Our services include:

  • Network Analysis 
  • Supplier Spend Analysis
  • Category Management
  • RFx
  • Contract Management
  • Performance Management
  • Project Savings Tracking


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