Do you need to execute a quick and effective assessment? 

The assessment process also builds organizational support and executive sponsorship for each opportunity having a favorable business case. When the assessment is complete, you’re well positioned to start executing on the most profitable opportunity. A typical assessment requires a consultant(s) for just a couple of days. 

Primary activities for a capabilities assessment to assess an organization’s current capabilities, infrastructure, and opportunities include the following:

  • Iinterviewing executives and staff to discover promising operational business intelligence opportunities
  • Data profiling of current data assets
  • Reviewing the augmentation of third-party data sets for potential data enrichment
  • Inventorying hardware and software assets available for operational business intelligence
  • Cataloguing employee skill-sets

Deliverables include the following:

  • A gap analysis (covering technical skills, data assets, and infrastructure) for major operational business intelligence
  • A quantitative business case for each opportunity
  • A conceptual technical approach for each opportunity
  • A roadmap proposing a high-level schedule for realizing favorable opportunities
  • Recommendations for developing the organization’s capabilities to support the roadmap

We leverage assessment activities systematically to maximize executive and grass roots support for favorable opportunities. As a result, the assessment sponsor is well positioned to execute the roadmap at the assessment’s conclusion.

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