We have worked with Private Equity firms and have performed several projects with portfolio companies. We understand the complexities of Private Equity cross-portfolio spend management and bring a clear and proven approach to Private Equity cost optimization.

We aggregate common expenditures across the portfolio for 15-35% cost reduction, and we work with individual portfolio companies to drive significant EBITDA improvements for company-specific spend.

Few procurement consultants can match our ability to drive collaboration and support among portfolio executives. Unlike many large consulting firms, our fee structure is flexible and we often work on a performance basis where fees are a percentage of savings. Above all, we understand the mid-market and how to work effectively with your often thinly stretched management teams.

Private Equity Procurement Programs includes:

  1. Private Equity Cross-Portfolio Spend Analysis - designed to identify opportunities across the portfolio and gain buy-in from individual executives.
  2. Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence - providing solid post-acquisition savings projections before you buy.
  3. Post-Acquisition On-Boarding / Merger Integration - capturing synergies from acquisitions or add-ons in a matter of weeks.



Post-Acquisition Support

We also offer on-going support for spend management:

Spend Details by Category and Vendor

Click through interactive charts depicting your spend data to a sub-category level. Areas of heavy spend are clearly represented, giving you the insight you need to drive sourcing discussions. View details that will give you a clear picture of how spend with any vendor is distributed across your spend profile. Gain a fast understanding of parent-child vendor relationships, and even review single vendor spending by customized dimensions to instantly uncover anomalies.

Spend Comparison Functionality

Simple, elegant charts will illustrate how your category spend is distributed across custom dimensions. Easily compare your category spend in each dimension to recognize savings opportunities. Analyze a comparative line chart depicting spend across categories at two different time intervals. Gain a bird’s eye view of your entire spend profile, or dig deeper by drilling down to the sub-category level. Adjust your time intervals easily to study spending trends. 

Spend Compliance Tracking

You can’t save what you can’t see. If you have a large amount of spend with non-preferred vendors, then you will see it clearly depicted in the reports. The compliance dashboard will show you a high-level overview of your compliant, non-compliant, and unmanaged spend across sourcing categories. Explore spend in categories that are not aligned with a preferred vendor. Analyze to the sub-category level to uncover sourcing opportunities that will drive savings and a higher rate of compliant spending across your organization.

Pricing and Savings Reporting

Recognize the number of times your procurement team paid too much for a given item number, based on your preferred vendor settings. Easily identify non-compliant spend trends within a given time frame from a high-level or down to line-item detail. Easily identify savings gained from strategic sourcing initiatives and the implementation of compliance management. With one simple report, generate proof of procurement ROI.

Actionable Order Analytics

Analyze your orders by category with sophisticated, interactive renderings of your average order size over time. Also gain clarity into your order history by layering in buyer and location information. Easily identify which buyers purchase the most within a category over a given time frame. Click through interactive graphs that depict your average order size within a category. View a month-by-month comparison of purchases made within a category by order size. Click a buyer name to drill into further detail, including purchases made by item code.

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