Procurement is strategic. Every dollar saved has a $1 dollar impact on profits. And most companies spend between 25-75% of revenues on the purchase of products and services. For most companies, procurement is an area of underinvestment. How do you convert traditional ‘purchasing’ to a self-funding, ROI-generating strategic asset? Procurement transformation.

Leverage our experience in bringing world-class processes and tools to your sourcing and procurement organizations. We bring expertise gained from our work with market leaders and blend best practices with a solution customized to your environment and designed to achieve your goals.

We start with an assessment to compare your current state to procurement management best practices and to your objectives. Next we work closely with you to build a plan to close the gaps. And then we implement, getting into the trenches to make sure the new processes and procurement organization deliver.

Our people-process-technology methodology focuses on:

  • The full Procure-to-Pay Process as well as linkages to adjacent parts of the organization and supporting policy documentation.
  • An optimized Procurement Organization Design with specific role descriptions, skill requirements and responsibilities. It’s more than just reorganization, when needed it is full Procurement Reengineering.
  • An assessment of any skill gaps and training needs for your current People, plus detailed descriptions of any new roles needed.
  • An assessment of your current Technology along with recommendations for better leveraging it or replacing it.

We don’t just build a plan, we implement it with you with a focus on long-term sustainability.

These procurement services include:

  • Training: We offer in-depth process training customized for your organization and new processes. Plus, each implementation includes our world-class strategic sourcing and negotiations training that can also be offered as a standalone refresher for seasoned teams.
  • Procurement Executive Search: You can leverage our extensive network and deep understanding to find the right people to grow and sustain your procurement and sourcing organization.

We can also perform side-by-side strategic sourcing projects to transfer knowledge to your team and to fully fund the cost of the procurement process design project. And finally, we will come back as often as you like to provide an audit and review of the new processes to ensure they are optimal and producing the results that you need.

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