For many analysts in special projects in business groups such as operations, procurement, marketing, sales and finance, the process to prep, blend and analyze data is slow and painful. Traditionally, this requires different tools and people to gather, cleanse and join data from different sources, more tools to build and publish analytic models, and even more to get it into the hands of business decision makers.

We address these issues with a repeatable workflow for self-service data analytics that leads to deeper insights in hours, not the weeks typical of traditional approaches. We help organizations to empower their data workers by combining data preparation, data blending, and analytics – predictive and or statistical – using an intuitive user interface.





Access all your relevant data

Connect to and cleanse data from data warehouses, spreadsheets and other sources

Prep and blend the right data

Create the right dataset for analysis or visualization

Make the most of spatial or location data

Blend and output data files then easily join it with 3rd party data

Get data ready for predictive analytics

Accelerate the processes of creating predictive analytics


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