OEE Intelligence Pack offers comprehensive, real-time visibility, historical and predictive analytics into process performance, in and across manufacturing locations.

Offering pre-configured analytics, reports, dashboards and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), OEE Intelligence delivers ready-to-use, performance-based reporting and analytics covering three separate but measurable components:

  • Availability
    • Planned Downtime
    • Unplanned Downtimes
  • Performance,
    • Minor Stops
    • Speed Loss
  • Quality
    • Production Rejects
    • Rejects on Start-up

This tool also allows for drilling down for very specific analysis, such as a particular Part Number, Shift, or any of several other parameters.

OEE Intelligence Pack can work as a standalone application applied to any individual machine, cell, line work center, or rolled up to department or plant levels.

Deploy any Intelligence Packs as a standalone application or part of a suite of operational analytical applications to achieve real-time visibility across your enterprise while sustaining manufacturing excellence on a local or enterprise-wide scale.

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