Quality Intelligence Pack provides quality managers with an out-of-the-box manufacturing analysis capability to help find, investigate and solve key quality issues throughout the manufacturing process, including excessive scrap levels, supplier performance, product non-conformance, and process variability.

With Quality Intelligence Pack, you can analyze all facets of operations to minimize costly defects, maximize effectiveness of Quality Control staff and machines, and maintain rapid-response containment capabilities at all times. With 100+ built-in measures and KPIs,

Quality Intelligence Pack offers standardized defect, inspection, containment and supplier analysis and reporting capabilities to shorten the time required and resources necessary to solve the most pressing product and process quality challenges

Quality Intelligence Pack can work as a standalone application or as part of a broader operational intelligence suite offered by Visual Decisions.

Deploy any Intelligence Packs as a standalone application or part of a suite of operational analytical applications to achieve real-time visibility across your enterprise while sustaining manufacturing excellence on a local or enterprise-wide scale.

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