Operating a high-performing supply chain is an incredible balancing act. Resources, materials and assets must be optimized and continually adjusted as changes or disruptions to manufacturing plans inevitably occur. Visual Decisions can help you address your supply chain complexity with our industry-leading capabilities for demand planning, inventory optimization, enterprise supply planning, order promising, factory planning and sequencing.

Exception Management

Ever wish your manufacturing facilities had a built-in crisis control center?

A tool that would warn you of an manufacturing disruptions — and help you manage it? "The Problem Window" senses unexpected events across the supply chain, diagnoses the root cause and offers you a choice of corrective actions. You can conduct “what if” analysis for each option, then make optimal guided choices that balance short-term responsiveness with long-term strategic goals.

Demand Planning

There’s so much riding on your demand forecast. Getting it wrong, and you’ll end up with too much inventory — which ties up capital — or too little inventory, which means stock-outs. Demand Planning increases your accuracy by creating a consolidated, synchronized view of true demand signals across your trading network. You can confidently integrate your forecast with core activities like replenishment, manufacturing, warehousing and transportation — delivering improvements in revenues, costs and customer service.

Supply Planning

In today’s world of supply chain disruptions and demand volatility, you can’t create static plans and then update them daily or weekly. Instead, you need to continuously plan and replan as conditions change, driving speed and agility. Enterprise Supply Planning dynamically updates plans at any time of day, based on information updates.

Constraint-based Manufacturing Planning

When capacity and materials are finite — and factory conditions are constantly shifting — you need to quickly make the right decisions about which products to make, when, in what order and in what quantities. Intelligent Factory Planning & Sequencing ensures that you always make the right choices, by simultaneously balancing customer service, cost and utilization — while also respecting complex manufacturing constraints.


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