Failure mode and effects analysis is the process of reviewing as many components, assemblies, and subsystems as possible to identify potential failure modes in a system and their causes and effects. For each component, the failure modes and their resulting effects on the rest of the system are recorded in a specific FMEA worksheet. It was one of the first highly structured, systematic techniques for failure analysis. An FMEA is often the first step of a system reliability study.

Unfortunately, creating Process FMEA’s is usually a manual, time-intensive process with a cross-functional team gathered in a conference room. The information used in the analysis is often anecdotal or estimated. The analyses often get out of date very quickly once they are complete.

We can help you create ever-green Process FMEA’s using Industry 4.0. Using these tools, the FMEA can be continually updated based on information directly from the shop floor. They can show more information than ever before. And they can be used as a management tool for when exceptions happen in production.

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