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MES & I-IoT – How do they work together?
Webinar: Dec. 1st, 11am ET

There is a lot of confusion in the marketplace on how MES and I-IoT systems can work together. Common questions we have heard include:

  1. If you have an MES system, is there any value to I-IoT platforms?
  2. If you have an I-IoT system, do you still need MES?
  3. Can you use an I-IoT system in place of an MES?
  4. If you have both, what is the best way to use them together effectively?

In this webinar, we will help answer these questions for you based on years of experience helping customers implement both types of systems.

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Industry 4.0 Lessons Learned from World Class Experience
Webinar: Dec. 2nd, 11am ET

Sandalwood Engineering & Ergonomics and Visual Decisions share practical, repeatable examples of how they have helped clients leverage many aspects of Industry 4.0 successfully.

Industry 4.0 technologies can have an enormous impact on your company by adding new capabilities to the business. These capabilities can directly plug value leaks in the business such as downtime, scrap, inventory, and employee health.

But talking about the theoretical value of these technologies isn't enough.

Sandalwood Engineering & Ergonomics and Visual Decisions have worked with a number of world-class companies to implement advanced technologies. In this discussion we will discuss our lessons learned in helping our customers successfully implement Industry 4.0 initiatives across their business.

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Industry 4.0 and Standard Work
Webinar: Dec. 8th, 11am ET

Standard Work is a critical success factor in Lean Manufacturing and in manufacturing as a whole. Operators should perform the same task in the same way shift after shift, day after day. Machine setups should take about the same amount of time, every time. There are many sources of variability in manufacturing that are difficult to eliminate - this should not be one of them!

But it is not just operators that should embrace standard work. Leader standard work is one of the big levers at a company's disposal to set and maintain a culture within manufacturing.

In this webinar, we explain how Industry 4.0 solutions such as the Industrial Internet of Things and Augmented Reality can assist you efforts to install, enhance or maintain the standard work in your organization.

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Reducing Variability with Industry 4.0
Webinar: Dec. 15th, 11am ET

Variability is the root of (nearly) all evil in manufacturing. Problems in quality, machine downtime, schedule adherence, cost controls and more are usually driven by various sources of variation in the process.

In previous webinars, we have looked at how to use Industry 4.0 solutions to perform root cause analysis to look for the sources of variation. We have also addressed human sources of variation through support for standard work.

In this webinar, we take a broader look at sources of variability in manufacturing and how we can use Industry 4.0 to either eliminate the sources of variation or mitigate their impact.

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