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Operational data is of no use to the business if it is collected and then locked where few (if any) can access it in their daily functions. Unfortunately, that is the case for most of the data collected from the shop floor today. Data exists across multiple, fragmented systems where few know what data exists, where it resides and how to get access. Fortunately, many companies already own the software solution to the problem - they just aren't using it in this part of the business.

Business Intelligence solutions such as Qlik, Tableau and Microsoft Power BI are tremendously powerful platforms for blending data together from disparate sources and presenting that information in ways that are easily made part of the daily process for the different parts of the team.

At Visual Decisions, we have deep expertise in designing and developing these solutions. Just as importantly, we have many years of experience working with our customers to adapt the daily workflows to take advantage of these new capabilities.