Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 Services

Industry 4.0 Services

As with all of our services, we begin with value. Industry 4.0 encompasses a myriad of technologies that can enable new or more efficient processes for your company. But instead of starting with the technology, we start with identifying what problems we are trying to solve and the root causes for the current level of performance. By identifying the specific changes in process, culture and technology that will address those root causes, we can not only identify the right technology to solve the problems, but also how the daily processes will have to adapt to drive the desired change.

At Visual Decisions, we work with a variety of technology partners to provide world class solutions to our customers. The solutions we work with are all leaders in their class. For example, here is one solution stack we have provided to customers in the past:

  • Industrial Internet of Things and Augmented Reality: 
    1. These solutions from PTC provide the ultimate platform for connectivity on the shop floor and solutions for augmenting the capabilities of your people. We have worked with customers to use the solutions to dramatically increase visibility, efficiency, uptime and quality on the shop floor.
  • Data Management: 
    1. Once the data has been acquired from the shop floor, it must be persisted for later use. Depending on the use case, there are a number of different solutions that each has its own strengths. We help our customers determine the right fit and deploy the solution. 
    2. We also work with our customers to ensure the data is of high quality when it is stored. That means not only cleansing the data set at the beginning, but also putting processes in place to ensure that the ongoing data collection efforts yield information that can be trusted for analysis.
  • Visualization of Operations Data: 
    1.  Data is of no use if it is inaccessible to the business users. We work with our customers to unlock the potential of the data, make it accessible and easily acted upon by the entire team.
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence:
    1. We have worked with our customers to deploy solutions for predictive maintenance, predictive quality and more. These solutions have the power to transform an operation, but it takes a great deal of technical and domain expertise to implement them effectively.

To see how we can use these technologies (and more) to create value at your company, reach out to us to start a conversation.