We Drive Results

Driving business improvements with BI requires the customer to be able to make a change to the process or improve the execution of the process.
Visual Decisions has the expertise to identify and architect the potential changes up front and assist with the implementation of those changes to drive bottom line results.

At Visual Decisions, we have core design goals with everything we do:

Peformance vs Diagnostic Metrics

Performance metrics tell you there is a problem. Diagnostic metrics give you insight into what to fix, how to fix it and how much it will be worth. In other words, the performance metric tells you that you're sick, the diagnostic metric says what the disease is and how to go about curing it.

Manage by Exception

Many business intelligence systems are built around "business discovery". That kind of power is great for super users and we build that into our solutions, as well. However, most business people are too busy to spend hours a day going through hundreds of charts to find the problems. We provide role-based exception reports so the users can get feedback on what areas need immediate attention.

Take Action

Knowing what is wrong doesn't help unless it gets fixed. We use machine learning techniques to suggest actions to fix the problems, track the results and share the best practices across the company.

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