To anyone responsible for optimizing factory floor operations, the value of real-time connectivity is undeniable. It has also proven tough to achieve. Until now.


Review this new ebook for an introduction to PTC’s new ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps. Built to address top use cases we’ve seen in hundreds of plant installations, these apps will enable you to:

  • Connect to all your KEPServerEX installations, and any non-Kepware OPC server
  • Instantly receive text or email alerts when a device stops communicating
  • Define your lines and machines
  • Know, quickly, when a line or machine is underperforming
  • Trend and troubleshoot issues with incredible speed and accuracy
  • Be automatically notified when a machine signal or KPI deviates from normal behavior

You can deploy and pilot these IoT solutions in less than 60 minutes without disrupting production. Discover how you can advance your own IoT journey, easily and reliably, with ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps. Download the ebook to learn more.

In this presentation, we discuss how to drive value in your company with an Industry 4.0 transformation using the ThingWorx solution platform. There are five key steps: 1) Define the Vision; 2) Leverage Existing Assets; 3) Fill in the Data Collection Gaps; 4) Integrate Across Processes & Systems; 5) Focus on Cultural and Process Change.

For example, in step 1, Defining the Vision, we cover several topics. We discuss the “Art of the Possible” and cover many of the things that companies can do in their transformation. The next step is to link those activities to business value through a six step framework. We also define Daily Variable Cost and show why it is the “Holy Grail” of value discovery in an Industry 4.0 transformation.

We also cover the remaining four steps and show why the fifth step of Cultural and Process Change is so important. Here we use the analogy of a fitbit – just carrying one on your wrist and collecting data does not cause you to lose weight. You have to change your behaviors, how you eat and how much you exercise to shed the pounds. It is the same for manufacturers; putting in the technology will have minimal impact unless your people use that technology to do things differently tomorrow than they do them today.


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